Students in Psychology

Current psych majors are doing some very amazing things!  Check out the most recent Student Spotlight to see what just one student has accomplished as an ISU Psych major.

Why Psychology?

  • Do video games teach people to be aggressive?
  • How can eyewitness accuracy be improved?
  • Why do people make false confessions?
  • How do you learn a new language?
  • What do brainwaves tell us about thinking and feeling?

Intrigued? Psychology addresses all of the above and each of these questions is being scientifically investigated in our department. Such research is particularly important in today's world where technological progress seems to have out-distanced knowledge of human behavior. Psychology majors can serve as research assistants to help faculty determine the answers. 

Undergraduate Curriculum in Psychology

Following the recommendations of the American Psychological Association, the undergraduate curriculum is designed to ensure that students earning a bachelor's degree in psychology will have achieved these learning goals: Learning Goals for the Psychology Major at ISU

Opportunities in Psychology

Volunteer/internship practica, research assistantships, an annual poster competition, and involvement with Psych Club and Psi Chi are encouraged.  Check out the Get Involved and Resources pages.

Health coach certification will enhance the marketability of students currently pursuing degrees in Psychology and provides students with a more rigorous and comprehensive foundation in nutrition, exercise, and motivational coaching to compete for employment opportunities requiring health coach certification or certificate.

Careers in Psychology

"What can I do with a psych degree?" is a common question.  Check out the Post-ISU Planning page to learn more about careers and preparation for Graduate School.

Undergrad Advising Contacts in Psychology

E-mail or stop by W022 Lagomarcino Hall.