Lab Members

Lab Members

This page contains contact information for members of the lab. From here you can contact lab  members, or visit their personal home pages. Also find links to collaborators and other Cognitive Psychology labs at ISU.

Lead Investigator:

Other ISU Cognition Labs:

Alison L. Morris, PhD
Attention & Memory Lab
Memory & Education Laboratory


Object Recognition Lab (ORL)
Anne M. Cleary 
Temporal Dynamics of Attention and Memory Lab 
Catherine L. Caldwell-Harris

Psycholinguistics Lab: current and former students

Mary L. Still

My primary research interest is in word recognition. Visit my homepage for more information.

Graduate Student - Cognitive Psychology
Office Location: 223 Science I

Office Phone: 515-294-6587


Nichole Stubbe

Psychology Instructor
Yavapai College
Prescott, Arizona

Lab Assistants Fall 2007








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