Our current faculty is active in research and/or professional training. With over $30 million in external grant support, faculty conduct research ranging from critical societal issues (such as drug and alcohol use/abuse, health-related behaviors, violence, eyewitness testimony, and satisfaction with work) to more basic research questions that add to psychology's foundation of knowledge.

These individuals have won awards for excellence in teaching and in research. In addition, they are active in enhancing psychology as a discipline by serving numerous editorial roles on APA journals and leadership positions on national committees.

Most important, our faculty share a commitment to excellence in graduate education and this department’s continued growth. We are dedicated to helping you to become your best in your graduate studies in psychology at Iowa State University.

Emeritus Faculty

Name Area Cirriculum Vita
Borgen, Frederick H. Counseling Borgen.pdf
Brown, Fred    
Charles, Don    
Edwards, David C.    
Layton, William    
Lewis, Edwin C.    
Peters, Ronald Cognitive  
Stahan, Robert Quantitative  
Wolins, Leroy    
Zytowski, Donald    


Name Area
Acerbo, Martin J. Health Psychology
Hanisch, Kathy Industrial/Organizational
Hessling, Robert Social
Phillips, Warren Counseling
Scheel, Karen R. Counseling
Sweet, Dawn