A note about the spam filtering:

  • If you follow campus instructions using Outlook on your office computer, the filter will not work when your office computer is off or you do not have Outlook open on your desktop.

  • The resolution is to use Outlook Web Access to create the filter.

Here are instructions for creating a filter that will work for all your devices because it is done on the server:


  1. Click Options
  2. Click “Create Inbox Rule”



  1. Click “Inbox Rules”
  2. Click “More Options”



  1. Open “Apply this Rule” pull down menu
  2. Mouse over “It includes these words”
  3. Click “in the message header”



  1. Type the words “Gauge=XXXXX”
  2. Click the Add button



  1. Verify the filter has been added
  2. Click the “OK” button



  1. Open the “Select one” Pull down menu
  2. Mouse over “Move, copy, or delete”
  3. Click “Move the message to the folder…”



  1. Click “Junk E-Mail”
  2. Click “OK”



  1. Verify the rule by observing the settings
    1. Apply this Rule…
    2. Do the following:
    3. Name of rule:
  2. Click Save