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Students who are interested in studying abroad or attending another university in the U.S. (National Student Exchange) may still be able to complete their degree in four years with careful planning.

Please read through the Psychology Study Abroad and National Student Exchange Checklist carefully!!!

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Study Abroad Center

National Student Exchange  (NSE)

Opportunities Abroad Advising Guides for Psychology

Psych majors have travelled to:

American College of Thessaloniki - Greece
Griffith U; University of Newcastle; University of Sydney - Australia
John Cabot University - Italy
Pacific Lutheran University - Washington (to China)
Swansea University - Wales
University of College Cork; University of Dublin - Ireland
University of Exeter; University of London - England
University of Extremadura; University of Granada - Spain
University of Otago; Massey University - New Zealand

Psych majors have travelled to these NSE sites:

Humboldt State University - Arcata, California
University of Georgia - Athens
University of Rhode Island
University of Massachusetts - Amherst