Fall Syllabi

Please be aware that:

*not all courses are offered every semester
*course content will vary by semester, year, AND instructor
*the current syllabus describes the current class. Class texts and assignments do not necessarily reflect past or future semesters.

Course Syllabi Instructor
Psych 101: Intro to Psych F14 Meissner/Gentile/Prot
Psych 102: Intro to Psych Lab F14 Sjolund & others
Psych 111: Orientation to Psychology F14 Jenkins/Towers/Williams
Psych 112A: Learning Community F14 C Cutrona
Psych 112B: Learning Community F14 K Scheel
Psych 131: Academic Learning Skills - Full semester F14  
Psych 131: Academic Learning Skills - Second half F14  
Psych 230: Developmental Psych F14 W Phillips
Psych 230XW: Developmental Psych F14 Kaiser/Kidner
Psych 250: Psychology of the Workplace F14 K Hanisch
Psych 280: Social Psych F14 Wells/Hessling
Psych 280H: Social Psych Honors F14 Cross
Psych 280XW: Social Psych F14 Lam/Johnson
Psych 301A: Research Design & Meth F14 E Cooper
Psych 301B: Research Design & Meth F14 M Crede
Psych 302A: Research Methods in Psych F14 M Acerbo
Psych 302B: Research Methods in Psych F14 R Hessling
Psych 302C: Research Methods in Psych F14 S Carpenter
Psych 302D: Research Methods in Psych F14 S Carpenter
Psych 312: Sensation & Perception F14 E Cooper
Psych 313: Learning & Memory F14 R West
Psych 314: Motivation F14 K Scheel
Psych 315: Drugs & Behavior F14 M Acerbo
Psych 316: Cognitive Processes F14 J Chan
Psych 318: Thinking & Decision Making F14 V Dark
Psych 333: Educational Psych F14 G Phye
Psych 346: Psych of Women F14 K Scheel
Psych 350: Human Factors in Technology F13 J Kelly
Psych 360: Personality Psych F14 Z Krizan
Psych 380: Social Cognition F14 K Blankenship
Psych 381: Small Group Behavior F13 W Harrod
Psych/CJST 383: Psych & Law F14 S Madon
Psych 386XW: Media Psychology F14 Gentile
Psych 410/510X: Behavioral Neurology F14 R West
Psych 411: Evolutionary Psych F11 E Cooper
Psych 422: Counseling Theories F14 M Wei
Psych 422L-1: Co Theories F14 Lannin
Psych 422L-2: Co Theories F14 Lannin
Psych 422L-3: Co Theories F14 Botello-Zamarron
Psych 440: Psych Measurement F14 P Armstrong
Psych 460A: Abnormal Psych F14 N Scott
Psych 484: Close Relationships F14 R Hessling
Psych 485: Health Psychology F14 A Phillips
Psych 492A: Fieldwork Prac: Human Services F14 N Scott
Psych 492B: Fieldwork Prac: Indus/Org F14 K Hanisch
Psych 501: Foundations of Behavioral Research F14 T Abraham
Psych 516: Advanced Cognition F14 V Dark
Psych 517: Psychopharmacology F12 M Acerbo
Psych 521: Cognitive Psych of Human-Computer Interaction F14 J Kelly
Psych 538E: Cognitive Seminar in Evolutionary Psych F12 E Cooper
Psych 580: Advanced Social Psych F14 C Anderson
Psych 592M: Professional Issues & Ethics F10 N Scott
Psych 592Q: Human Memory Research F14 J Chan
Psych 594C: Construct Validation F14 M Crede
Psych 594G: Qnt Mthd Long Anly F13 F Lorenz
Psych 594K: Qnt Mthd Med & Mod F14 T Abraham
Psych 595A: Seminar Social/Cognition F12 K Blankenship
Psych 595E: Seminar Psych & Law F13 S Madon
Psych 596C: Seminar Multicultural Counseling F14 M Wei
Psych 601: History & Philosophy of Psych F14 N Wade
Psych 621: Psych Counseling F14 K Scheel
Psych 623: Vocational Psych F13 M Becker
Psych 692R: Social Psych Seminar F14 M Guyll
CmDis 275: Intro Comm Disorders F13 H Venkatagiri
CmDis 286: Communicating with the Deaf F14 H Venkatagiri
CmDis 471: Language & Reading Development with Children F14 H Venkatagiri
CmDis 480: Articulation & Phonological Disorders F14 H Venkatagiri
ComSt 101: Intro to Communication Studies F14 K Blankenship