Research Opportunities
These independent study/supervised "courses" are designed to provide opportunities for students to earn additional academic credit and augment their education.

490, Independent Study. Supervised reading in an area of psychology not covered by courses. Prerequisites: Junior classification, 6 credits of Psychology.  If interested contact individual faculty members.  [Letter grades or Satisfactory/Fail]

491, Research Practicum. Supervised research in an area of psychology. Prerequisites: Junior classification, Psych 301, 2.50 GPA. [Letter grades or Satisfactory/Fail]
Strongly recommended for those considering graduate school.

                                Research Ads 

                                Psych 491 Syllabus 

Procedure for enrolling in 291 (below), 490 and 491 – Talk to the faculty member with whom you would like to work, or read through the Current 491 Ads.  Supervision of students in these experiences is not part of a faculty member's regular teaching duties, therefore faculty may decline.  If a faculty member agrees, you will complete and sign the “Agreement and Grade Report Form” and the faculty member will provide you with the appropriate reference number for his/her section so you can register.

Agreement and Grade Report Form - Obtain from the Advising Office or print [PDF].  A completed form describes the agreed upon activities, the amount of credit, and the grading system to be used.  The amount of credit varies with each project; one credit equals 3-4 hours of work per week for the semester or 45 hours.

Credit Limit - There is a limit of nine (9) credits each for Psych 490, 491, and 492 that may apply towards graduation.  These experiences may count as electives and 300+ credits, however, they do NOT fulfill a course requirement.

Psych 291. Introductory Research Experience.  Prereqs: 101, sophomore classification, and permission of instructor. Beginning level supervised research experience in a faculty laboratory. Repeatable up to 4 credits maximum. Satisfactory-fail only.